House Fraizen

Vaelen Fraizen is the son of Tirion, and Kasandra Fraizen making him a member of House Fraizen.

During the events of The Journey Tirion Fraizen would lead the forces of House Fraizen in loyalty to their liege in House Scarlet and alongside his two sons Taelan, and Vaelan they would fight during the two major battles and were present at the crowning of William Lovie III. Following the events of the Journey it was Tirion Fraizen that would once again show his loyalty when he alongside his two sons would lead the forces of House Fraizen into the events of the capture of the Riverlands where they joined with the forces of House Scarlet and took part in the capture of the Riverlands and the fighting in Fairmarket.


Early History

The Journey

Main Article : The Journey

Game of Rivers

Main Article : Lucernian Invasion of the Riverlands

Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

First Bolten-Lucerne War

Main Article : First Bolten-Lucerne War

Fall of Northern Bolten

Family Members


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