Waerella Egerton
Waerella Egerton Cover
House Egerton
POV Role None
Vital statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Volantis
Alias None
Race Pentosi
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Hevrin Egerton
Mother Lady of Egerton
Siblings Half Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children Placeholder

Waerella Egerton is the daughter of Hevrin Egerton and one of the Ladies of Egerton making her a base born member of House Egerton. Waerella Egerton had many siblings of which all the boys all met seemingly violent ends at the hands of her father who so obsessed with Tamsin, and her two sisters was he that he believed they were after her affections. Outside of her murdered brothers Waerella has five sisters in the form of Ferira, Tira, Serora, Erlissa, and Tamsin of which Ferira was nine when she disappeared and was never spoke of again, Tira would be eleven when she was locked away in the basement of the Egerton estates but despite this she is fanatical in her devotion of her father living for the brief moments she is let out to be with him, Senora would be ten when she disappeared and was never allowed to be spoken of again, while Erlissa fled the Egerton estates at the age of twelve assisted by a guard of Egerton which led to the estate becoming a virtual fortress and she fled east to the lands of the Caluci, and finally Tamsin would become the most favored of the children of Hevrin and her escape of the estates led to her retrieval and subsequent brutality of her father.

Family Members


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