House Whent

Walter Whent is the son of Tobias, and Kellia Whent making him a member of and the current Lord and Patriarch of House Whent.

Walter Whent, and Oswell Lothston would travel to Riverrun with their liege lord in Padme Goodbrooke and during their time there the group would swear oaths of fealty to the Kingdom of Lucerne, but it was noticeable to all that House Piper had not answered the summoning there to swear oaths. Walter Whent would lead the forces of House Whent into the Invasion of Westbridge where he would join the House Scott assault on the city of Braedin, and during this battle he would return to find bandits had overrun entire regions of Maidenshore.


Early History

Game of Rivers

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Banditry War of Maidenshore

Ironborn Invasion of the Riverlands

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Family Members