White Rabbit Army
The White Rabbit Army
is a rebellious movement within the crater of Pontus. Centered around the once small village of Braavas, this movement started off with a criminal nature in mind but has become a near cult like religious kingdom that is incredibly violent. The White Rabbit Army is very recegnizeable for the fantastical elements that have overcome the army. This includes the army dressed in strange and unusual colors in order to distract and cause horror in their enemies.

The White Rabbit Army following the capture of the town of Braavas became the army of the Kingdom of the Rabbit, and basically nothing changed for the White Rabbit army except they formed themselves into a kingdom founded out of Hopper.

The leadership take different positions based on their role in the White Rabbit Religion, but the highest levels of the leadership of the White Rabbit army do include Magi creatures such as Mad Catter. Along with this the use of Magi means that a growing number of animals have joined the army, and make a very unusal combination.

The White Rabbit army started as a revenge against a man that had slighted Natashia Cole during her time in Bolten. This led her to form it originally as a terrorist group but as she realized the loyalty that she insighted in people she begin changing it to a cult like army where her every word is followed to the letter. As they expanded out of the city of Pontus the army moved into the village of Braavas where they massacred the male population and enslaved the women and children. This has become their method of action where they massacre all the men and then use the women to produce more children for the army. In this way towards the end of the The Rise of Lucerne the White Rabbit Army has killed much of south western Pontus and is about to sack the city of Pentos.


Early History

With her plan in place Natashia at first used her body to lure strong and able men into her bed. Once she had them there she convinsed them of the intelligence of following her, and time after time these men followed her hook line and sinker. In this way she was able to create a group of the five most skilled men in their fields who she calls her Rabbit Council. Each of these men along with all those who join the White Rabbit Army believe that Natashia is a god and thus she takes what she wants from everyone. She is not selfish in her behavior though as she is constantly making sure that everyone is happy and the skill, and equipment of her army is second to none.

Destruction of Braavas

Braavos was where it would begin. From the ashes of Braavos would rise the greatest city the world would ever see.
Natashia Cole

With her leadership in place, and a growing number of footsoilders the White Rabbit Army moved to stage two which was the actual engagment of their forces. Natashia started small with the plan for the army to take control of the town of Braavas which they had decided they would then promptly rename Hopper. Braavos was a relatively wealthy town for the Crater of Pontus, and it had a large enough population which alongside its curtain walls had led to most believing it was not somewhere that could be destroyed quickly. In Braavos the White Rabbit army managed to surround the city, and while a piece of the force defended the exit points the remainder moved in and ayone who resisted were killed on sight, and thus by the time they were finished nearly the entire town was dead. During this violent massacre Natashia waded into the city unknown that many of those killed were soon to be added to the Mad Hatter`s entourage of Magi creatures, and she entered to the site of piles of dead, and the burning remains of a once large town. Those that were left were mainly women and children, and it was in this moment that Natashia came to a conclusion.

Founding of Hopper

During there conquests they would kill all the men and in this way only those true to the White Rabbits would remain fighters, while the women would be used to create children who would be the incoming recruits. This took place very quickly as she begin pairing up the soilders in her army with those women that had survived and the children were swiftly taken in if their parents were dead or they were remained with their mother if she survived. All of this grew quickly, and the soilders went about rebuilding the damage that had been done to the town, and the town of Hopper was reborn. Where once the town of Braavas was a town for little more then 1200 people the new town of Hopper would hold the thousands that Natashia envisioned would become a member of the White Rabbit Army.


From their new capital of Hopper the White Rabbits begin systamatically massacring the nearbye villages and in each attack they brought back more and more wealth, weapons, women, and children back to Hopper which over the course of two years of this increased from some 2,000 soilders to some 7,000 of which 2,700 were White Rabbit soilders. With this growth the number of children indocrintanted into the Rabbit were increasing dramatically and each child was a devout follower of Natashia and the religion of the rabbit. Located far in the west of the crater the White Rabbits were relativly hidden and the brutal nature of their attacks meant there were no survivors to complain to anyone who could help. As they expanded they had basically killed all the men in their area and so the next stop for the Rabbits was to expand into the city of Pentos which had a population of some 8,000 people. This would be their greatest accomplishment and in if they suceeded there army would swell with women, and through these women the next wave of recruits eventually.

As the planning for the invasion of Pentos went on it is important to note that the luitenant of the Rabbits in the form of Knave of Hearts was continueing to recruit followers to the religon of the Rabbit and in this way there was a constant stream of recuits coming in from far away Pontus, as well as recruits from Lorath who were being recruited by Luiteneant Cheshire Cat.

Massacre of Marge Lones

She was the first taste of what he wold have coming to him. He thought he was beyond any sort of punishment and his sisters ruined body would show him how wrong he was.
Natashia Cole

While the planning was going on Natashia became aware that Marge Lones the beloved sister of Pavio Lones was incoming to Pentos in order to visit their brother Hank who was one of the main targets of the invasion of Pentos. Marge Lones was coming with a troop of soldiers alongside her bodyguard lover Francis of House Yendarrion of whom was planning to propose their marriage during their time in Pentos. Natashia ordered her most loyal follower and sister in Alice to deal with the women, and she made sure that her sister understood that this was going to be as a killing could get. Alice went with the Mad Hatter, Meshire Cat, and the Knave of Clubs alongside an assortment of soilders and once they had entered Pentos they followed Marge Lones for a day before ambushing were she slept with Francis Yendarrion leaving Francis brutally killed, and kidnapping Marge and taking her west of the city before leaving her naked in the forest. Once she woke up they left a trail for her towards Pentos and they proceeded to stalk Marge Lones for two days as they drove her farther and farther towards Pentos. When Alice finally believed they had gotten the correct amount of fear out of her she bid Mad Hatter to kill her and leave her body in the most violent of ways in the garden that her family loved so much. The Mad Hatter obliged and dragged her all the way back to the garden where he discovered that her brother had gaurds searching the area for any signs of where she might have gone. The Mad Hatter waited until nighfall and then brought her to the center of the garden where he proceeded to do the actual act of killing her. Knowing he had to make it appear ritualistic and she had to have pain he proceeded to ceremonially butcher her and then her body parts were left strewn about the ground. With her death secured Natashia had Meshire Cat, and Alice watch the scene unfold as Hank was taken to see the body, and they relayed to her the pain and anguish that was all over his face as he looked at the scene, and all Natashia could think about was how he was next.


At the end of the Rise of Lucerne there is a small exert where a gaurdsmen on the tallest tower of Pentos looks out to the west of the city and sees a large army amassed in the pitch of night outside the walls. And as he looks closer he sees the gate opeing for them. As the gaurdsmen rushes to ring the bell alerting the city he is sliced from behind by a man he describes as a skinny man wearing a mask that looks like a strange cat. This could very easily be Cheshire Cat, or Gnat the Cat, but either way this signals that the invasion has gone ahead and with the situation the gaurdsmen described the chance of success for the rabbits is very high.

It was the nights that made this the worst job in the city. People would laugh when I complained about being a member of the royal gaurd of Pentos. All they saw was the percieved honor, and money that came alongside the position. What I saw was a vast nothing. So here I sat on the edge of the wall as I did night after night. I used to check the horizon every five minutes. Used to make sure the men were on their proper patrols, that everything was as secure as it could be. But now I knew better. Our role was ceremonial now at best. It was as I sat there that I felt a shiver run up my spine, and I could have sworn I heard a muffled cry. I got to my feet and dusted off my pants before picking up my halbard and walking to the wall. When I looked out over the wall all I saw was a vast sea of men. I stood there shocked. I tried to lift my feet but it was as if someone in the swarm had control of my body. I moved my head to the wall and saw the ladders being lifted against the side, and could make out the shapes of bodies all along my side of the rampart. It was in this position that I felt a hand touch my shoulder.
``This is the beggining my friend. You have the blessing to see the world changing. It`s happening right in front of you, and you are one of only a handful of people who will ever be able to say they saw. Now sleep my friend your time is over.`` I felt the steel peirce my armor and then everything went black.

Burning Embers

``The City burned in its entirety. As I walked the streets I watched the men attempting to get what fires they could under control, but I was struck by the death. Bodies piled on top of eachother. Bodies hanging from buildings. There were just bodies everywhere. Pêntos was a city of nearly a hundred thousand people. It had two rings of walls, and was garrisoned by enough men to hold on for weeks. And yet it fell without even sending out a call for aid. What manner of creature...what could have done this.``
-Krezin Bourne

Pentos following its destruction wouldn`t have to wait long for people to find out, as only a few days later traders arrived at the city to find it utterly in ruins. Fleeing the city for fear of whatever force attacked it they returned east to the capital in the city of Pontus. When they arrived a massive army of nearly sixty thousand was raised in order to find out what had happened, and they would march under the command of (Placeholder) who had been sent specifically by Pavio Lones who at this point was hysterical in his need to find his siblings alive. When the army arrived at Pentos the destruction they found was unlike anything anyone in the army could comprehend. The entire population had been butchered and poles of Magi design shielded the bodies from being burnt alongside the entire city which had clearly been torched. It was in this state that Pavio Lones arrived in the ruined city, and the moment he walked through the front gates the fires of the city immediatly stopped, and moved in a directly line from him to a point in the center of the city. Following the fire they would find two bodies in the form of 


The Government of the White Rabbit is ruled absolutely by the White Queen Natashia Cole and her power and dominance over all foundations of the White Rabbit army is unending. Under the White Queen stand the three main branches of the White Rabbit Army in the form of the Queen's Ladies known sometimes as the Bishops, the Queen's Men known sometimes as the Knights, and the Queen's Pets known as the Magi Creatures. The Queen's Ladies are an obviously all female element of the government and rule over all domestic matters including with the assistance of the Queen's Pets the economic features of the government. The Queen's Men are the all male element of the government and are the fighters and generals of the White Rabbit army though they are also joined in this act by the Queen's Pets. The Queen's Pets are the all around element of the government and while their main role is in the economic, Magi, and assassination elements of the government they move into all other parts at will many times.

The leadership take different positions based on their role in the White Rabbit Religion, but the highest levels of the leadership of the White Rabbit army do include Magi creatures such as Mad Catter.

White Queen

See Also : Natashia Cole

White Rabbit Army
Natashia Cole
House Cole1
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Natashia Cole or the "White Queen" is the daughter of Martin, and Mary Cole making her a member of the powerful Kingdom of Bolten house in the form of House Cole. Natashia Cole has four siblings in the form of Josh, John, Alice, and Michelle Cole of which her brother John married Betha Bolten and became a strong and important member of House Bolten while being a pariah within House Cole, while her sister Michelle married a common man and has many children with him and has become one of the most important members of House Cole, and her brother Josh is the lord of House Cole and a man of whom is so powerful that he is one of the only men who ever rejected the Bolten demand of hostage and he is also the one who turned the north of Bolten to the Lucernians, while her final sibling Alice was born when Natashia was already a teenage and they barely met before Natashia left but Alice has come to join her White Rabbit Army.

Natashia Cole is now the leader and religious icon of the growing White Rabbit Army based out of western Pontus.

Natashia was born the four child of her father Martin Cole and by this point she had fallen quite far down the power rankings of the future of House Cole. Natashia spent the first part of her life in Caryle, and during her early life she was a strange looking girl whose body didn't quite look right and this caused her to be bullied by the other noble children and only the protection of her sister MIchelle kept it controlled. When she came to be fifteen her body begin to fill out and many around her noticed the change and she came to have many suiters alongside her father begin to greatly favor her position in the family as she was perhaps the most beautiful girl in his control. This greatly pleased her father, but she used this newfound popularity to gain the self-respect she had lost, and it was in this goal that she first net Pavio Lones. Natashia became involved in a romantic affair with Pavio Lones a rich merchant that stayed briefly in Caryle and shortly after their affair begin she became pregnant with his child but her mother forced her to drink the moon tea and her baby was aborted. Following this event Pavio was ejected from the city and Natashia withdrew into herself to the point that a bethrothal set up for her was rejected by the groom as he didn't want to be depressed by her. As her depression and longing for Pavio reached new hieghts she would make the decision to follow him and despite the arguments of her sister Michelle she would leave Caryle and travel to Pontus. When she arrived she believed she would continue her love with him but she discovered that he was nothing more then a sex addict who couldn't even remember their time together, and escpecially not the child she had become pregnent with. Following this mistreatement she gave up basically on living and found herself homeless on the streets of Ponts and was nearly dead when she was kidnapped by a monsterous man of whom took her in as a sex slave of sorts. She would use her body and mind to convinse the monster's assistent to let her go and then with this freedom she would kill the two men including the servent of whom loved her deeply. Following this she would once again use her body to gain influence and power and this worked to the point that she started being at the same parties as Pavio and while he remembered her he was scornful towards her and this caused her great rage. Realizing she didn't want him back she turned towards revenge and begin modeling a group loyal to only her to the point of death, with her eventual goal of destroying the entire Crater of Pontus and leaving Pavio to stand over a pile of skulls before she finally killed him too.

Queen's Ladies

The Queen's Ladies are an obviously all female element of the government and rule over all domestic matters including with the assistance of the Queen's Pets the economic features of the government.

See Also : White Princess

White Princess

The White Princess was born Lisa Darten as the daughter of Viser, and Wilma Darten making her a member of House Darten. Lisa has two siblings in the form of Lena, and Mark Darten of which her brother Mark sexually abused her for much of their early lives together, and her sister was killed by her brother after she threatened to tell the public about what went on in the House Darten household.

Lisa Darten was born in the city of Pontus to the rich noble family House Darten and throughout the very early part of her life she and her father were very close and she loved life. As she got older she and her younger sister Lena were becoming quite beautiful and it was at this point that their brother Mark returned from his education in Volantis and begin to sexually abuse his sisters despite the presence of his wife. Lisa resisted for a time but the constant threats broke her and she gave up resistence after Mark murdered Lena in a blind rage after she had threatened to tell their parents. Following this LIsa would become pregnent with her brothers child and she aborted the child and the next two she became pregnant with as she couldn't bear the horror of it all. LIsa would beg her parents to send her from the city but she then realized they knew about the abuse and refused out of fear of what Mark would do to them if they took away one of his favorite play things. Lisa Darten was discovered by chance by Natashia Cole, who just happened to be stopping in Pentos before she and the army of the White Rabbit attacked the village of Bravaas. Natashia quickly converted Lisa to her side of things, and Lisa quickly became a devout follower of Natashia. Lisa has remained in Pentos where she uses her high noble bloodline to continue learning information on the leadership of Pentos.

Other Noteables

Name Title Role Status
Alice Princess of Hopper Secondary Lady of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Red Princess Princess of Hopper Head of the White Rabbit Agriculture Alive
Purple Princess Princess of Hopper Head of the White Rabbit Church Alive
Blue Princess Princess of Rudlidge Lady of Rudlidge Alive
Violet Princess Princess of Cardbridge Lady of Cardbridge Alive

Queen's Men

The Queen's Men are the all male element of the government and are the fighters and generals of the White Rabbit army though they are also joined in this act by the Queen's Pets.

See Also : Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat or "Mathew Swan" is one of the top leaders of the White Rabbit Army and as the son of Barnan and Cercie Swan he is a member of House Swan. Mathew has two siblings in the form of Phil, and Charlie Swan of whome Phil died at the age of nine, while Charlie Swan became the Lord of Forks and has sent feelers out ever since listening for word of what happened to his brother. Before leaving Forks Mathew married Heather Swan of whom he had affection for but her love wasn't strong enough to keep him in Forks and all the pressure that went with it. With Heather Swan he has two children in the form of Kendra, and Brody Swan of which his daughter Kendra is a powerful lady of Forks in terms of influence, and his son Brody is the current heir to House Swan and a powerful knight in his own right.

Cheshire Cat was born an extremely gentle young man of whom would constantly find himself having panic attacks over different things he was meant to do, but couldn't becase of the panic attacks. While a member of House Swan he became overwhelmed by the responsibility of what his life would entail, and instead of moving closer to it, he checked out in terms of responsiblity. He left Forks and his wife and two children behind and fled east where he eventually found his way to Pontus and became a mercenary for many years. While in Pontus he became entrapped eventually in the seduction that was Natashia Cole, and in this obsession he followed her and her growing army of the White Rabbit on its new missions.

Other Noteables

Name Title Role Status
Knave of Hearts Knight of Hearts Commands the Hearts Army of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Veseryl Donderrias Knight of Diamonds Commands the Diamonds Army of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Knave of Clubs Knight of Clubs Commands the Clubs Army of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Knave of Spades Knight of Spades Commands the Spades Army of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Rook of Spades Roof of Spades Commands the Cavalry section of the White Rabbit Army Alive

Queen's Pets

The Queen's Pets are the all around element of the government and while their main role is in the economic, Magi, and assassination elements of the government they move into all other parts at will many times.

See Also : Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter
is an enigmatic man that became involved with the White Rabbit Army after he became obsessed with Alice and followed her to Bravaas.

The Mad Hatter is an extremely powerful Magi, and it through him that a large number of the very intelligent animals have been created that now form a section of the leadership of the White Rabbit Army.

The Mad Hatter's early life are unknown but it is known that Alice found him stumbling drunk in the white paint of a clown outside of the tavern that she was staying. Alice helped him, and following this he fell in love with her, and although she did not love him romantically she gave him what he wanted sexually and he became utterly devoted to her. Alice and the Mad Hatter would spend time following the trail of her sister Natashia Cole and while this was happening he begin to grow more desperate for her, and only her increasing skill at menipulation allowed her to control his increasingly drastic desires. Finding the trail of Natashia Cole the Mad Hatter would follow Alice to Bravaas where would under Alice's directive to assist her sister Natashia with devotion as well and he became famous for creating Magi creatures out of long deceased souls he found in cemeteries or at least that is the story he has told people about where he summoned the souls. The Mad Hatter created half a dozen of these creatures of which to his shock and anger shared no affection for him, and in fact instead of loving him they outright despised him to the point that he was unable to even speak with them. The Mad Hatter disappeared following the massacre of Pavio Lone's sister and did not return for two months after that, and when he did he returned with a now sentient mouse that he named Molly.

Other Noteables

Name Title Role Status
Mirror Man Keeper of Truths Advisor to the Queen  Alive
Mad Catter Keeper of the Coins Main Economic Leader of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Molly the Dormouse Trickster of Hoppy Assasin in the White Rabbit Army Alive
Francis the Dormouse Trickster of Hoppy Assasin in the White Rabbit Army Alive
Grophen the Blue Dodo The Dodo of Hopper Companion of Alice Alive
The Mad Hare The Tinker Heads the Science of the Rabbit Kingdom Alive
Deshire Cat The Judge Master of the Laws of the White Rabbit Army Alive
Meshire Cat Trickster of Hoppy Assasin in the White Rabbit Army Alive
The Rage Hare The Wizard Leader of the Magi forces of the Rabbit Kingdom Alive
The Insane Hare The Keymaker Leader of the Prison of Red Castle Alive
The Clockmaker The Clockmaker Advisor to the Queen Alive


As the White Rabbit grows slowly due to the fact that they are producing soilders through recruitment, and not conquering. The growth will be fast once the children that are being born begin to come of age, but this will be a period before this happens. While they have waited for this to come the relatively small core force of some 2000 soilders have become increasingly elite as they dont lose many members and their armor, and training are exceptional. But this force isn't enough to take control of a city the size of Pentos so The White Queen returned briefly to Pontus where she was albe to menipulate a few Magi skilled in conjuration to return to Bravaas with her, where they would be used to summon foot soilders loyal to their Queen. These summoned troops come in many flavors of which each serve a different purpose.

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