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Winnona Hale
is the daughter of Kelvin, and Mary Franzenheim making her a member of House Franzenheim. When she turned 16 she met Matthew Hale and eventually became his wife making her a member of House Hale, and a loyal citizen of The Kingdom Of Lucerne. With Matthew Hale she has one child in the form of Johanas Hale of whom is a brave member of the Order of the Violet Dragon and is looked at with great honor and respect.

Winnona Hale was born the third child of Kelvin Franzenheim a rich but lowly influencial family, and this meant she was born in Forks but despite this upbringing she was constantly rediculed and bullied for what many described as an extremely strange behavior. In actuality she sufferes from acute schizophrenia which she is only able to survive with because of her Magi abilities. Following the birth of her son even her powers left her unable to continue and she now lives her life locked inside the tower of House Hale.


Early History

Winnona Hale was born in Forks, in a rich section of the town to her wealthy and influencial parents Kelvin, and Mary Franzenheim making her a member of House Franzenheim who ran a series of shops in Lucerne proper. While she appeared to be extremely beautiful and a social butterfly this would all eventually be forgotten. Her siblings were all more capable of leading men, or finding suitable husbands so she was ignored in favor of the growth of the House. This hurt Winnona deeply but she loved her house so deeply that she went about finding a husband for herself.

Matthew Hale

Meeting Matthew Hale

Winnona Hale met Matthew Hale during her 16th year and two years before she began developing Schizophrenia. The two were extremely close and only two months into their relationship she became pregnant with their first and unfortunatly only child in Johanas Hale. Following the birth of Johanas she felt herself overcome with visions, and voices that became louder and louder as time went by. Only one year after the birth she was nearly unable to have true conversations, and two years after the birth she was forced to exist inside the House Hale tower, where she was fed food and drinks through a pad locked door so that she wouldn't harm those attempting to feed her.


Matthew Hale

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