Ygritte Cover
Clan Styr
Vital statistics
Clan Styr Clan
Alias Fire Kisser
Race Wildling
Status Alive
Family Weeper - Father

Ygritte is a wildling born inside the Frostfang Mountains and a member of the Styr Clan, and is the daughter of the Wildling known as Weeper while her mother is unknown to her but believed dead by her father. Ygritte has no siblings as her father was castrated following the Styr Clan losing a battle. Ygritte has many bastard children of which the majority have died of natural causes or been slain due to the harsh nature of the life in the Frostfangs.

Ygritte was born in a small Wildling village east of Hardholme, but during much of her youth she would spend her time in the bustling Hardholme with her extended family of Clan Styr. Her life in Hardholme would come to an end when she joined her father in the task of capturing the Mountain Bulls of the mountain. Alongside her father she grew quite skilled at the task, and this led her to rising in respect amongst the Wildlings of Hardholme, and to this point she became the target of many men who came to want to make her their wife, but each time she became disapointed by their failed attempts at capturing her and she resisted them. She would become involved in something much larger then herself when her father moved Clan Styr into the growing alliance of Wildlings and she went southward to meet with the Night's Watch that was going to come to Hardholme to meet with them. On this march her clan mates were killed by members of the Magmar Clan who wanted to derail the peace process and targeted the Styr for their involvment. Ygritte would be protected by her friend Rattleshirt of whom was a Magmar but atleast an honorable member, and would join with them as they moved southward to intercept the Night's Watch. She would be captured by Jon Snow of whom would spark something within herself that she had never felt before for any of the multitude of men that had tried to make her theirs. Ygritte would protect Jon Snow and Domeric Highmore after they were captured by the forces of the Magmar, and following this she would lead them back towards Hardholme where she would protect them alongside her clan. As they got closer the camp came under attack from the vangaurd of the White Walker army and many were killed but she escaped with Rattleshirt, Jon, and Domeric and returned to Hardholme where she would meet with her clan briefly and have an intense but brief affair with Jon. The White Walker army would attack and despite bravery by the defenders including Jon, and Ygritte burning hundreds the defences failed and the city was overrun forcing them to abandon the city and flee. Ygritte followed Jon to the wall where she told him she would leave with him, but the moment she reached the wall and probably well before she knew she couldn't leave and thus the two lovers would say goodbye and promise to see eachother again before going their seperate ways.


Early History

The North

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The Reckoning of the Day's Watch


Jon Snow

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Jon Snow4
Leaving you is too hard Ygritte. From the first time I saw you I knew in my heart that I had never seen something so beautiful in all of my life. I want to hold you in my arms until I can't move. Your everything to me...don't you see that?
Jon Snow

Ygritte and Jon Snow would meet when Jon Snow, and his party entered the Frostfang Valley and she would be captured while there was confusion over what they were doing in the Frostfangs. Jon would be unable to kill her, and this led to a relationship growing of which forced her to protect him, when the other Wildings wanted to kill him. Sleeping together upon their arrival in Hardholme the situation was perfect for them until the White Walkers attacked the city. Fighting side by side they would survive the Battle of Hardholme and made their way through tunnels out of the city, but following this Jon Snow and his forces were fleeing the Frostfang Valley while Ygritte refused to leave her people. Jon would despite great reservations leave Ygritte behind, and this led her staying with her Wildings of whom were now being hunted mercisilly by the White Walkers and forced to cosntantly be on the watch. During this time Ygritte would gain more and more influence over her tribe, but also the relationship she had built with Jeor Mormont meant that she passed on information to him about the events within the Frostfangs, and in turn Jeor would send letters to Jon Snow telling him of what Ygritte's situation was.

There wasn't a single day I didn't think of you. Not a single day that I didn't miss you. My love for you overwhelmed me.
Jon Snow

Ygritte and Jon Snow's relationship would continue in a way, and become more deep once he had left as Ygritte missed him terribly while he was gone, and this was matched equally by Jon Snow. For Ygritte there was no way out of the Frostfangs now, and that meant that she was stuck being constantly hunted by the White Walkers, and never knowing if Jon would come to save her. For Jon Snow his missing of Ygritte would eventually cause him to abandon his command in Bolten and alongside many Lucernians wanting to help him, he would travel to the land of the Day's Watch in order to save Ygritte from what he knew was eventually going to be death.

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